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A chest rig is designed to carry the kit, like ammo, med kits and tools. The mission specific gear you need carried in a location that's easy to access under stress. A plate carrier is designed to carry armor. Some are "armor carriers" capable of carrying soft armor AND hard plates, some just carry the hard plates.

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My friend and I were debating wearing a chest rig or tactical vest over a plate carrier. I thought it would be good to wear a chest rig over a plate carrier, regardless of it's MOLLE or not. He thinks it's stupid and I should just get a MOLLE and buy mag pouches for each mag I use and that nobody wears rigs or vests over plate carriers.

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MAP: Now: $28.99. Out Of Stock Compare. Quick view. Lancer Tactical. Lancer Tactical Adaptive Multi-Purpose Slim Chest Rig. Lancer Tactical Adaptive Multi-Purpose Slim Chest Rig Hook and loop panel located on the front allows more space for gear, morale patches and name tapes. A slim hook and loop rear strap panel has even more space for morale ...

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When the situation calls for a full combat loadout, the TAG® intrepid chest rig won't let you down. A full combat loadout chest rig, our innovative chest rig is completely adjustable to fit over any full-sized armor carrier or plate carrier, and offers a secure, reliable and easy way to carry everything you need to stay prepared for battle.

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Usually, a chest rig refers to webbing or panels for carrying magazines, first aid kits, etc. on the chest. On the other hand, the plate carriers are designed to hold body armor so you can protect your vital organs from fatal injuries. Most people think …

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They are worn over your plate carrier for the special operations soldiers that get to wear whatever they want. For hunting, think of a turkey chest rig that will hold your shotgun ammo, knife, turkey calls, and pouches for snacks. Chest rigs are designed to make your life easier by giving you as much customization as possible in the field.

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The V-Ops Plate Carrier Chest Rig is the industries first and only completely customizable hybrid plate carrier. Constructed by hand here in Oceanside, CA with 1000 Denier Cordura and backed by our lifetime warranty. The rugged and dependable rig can stand up to any test or mission you can find by combining a simple pl

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Instead of any pouches or gear attached directly to the Plate Carrier or Chest Rig, the operators equipment is attached to the Molle Board. Each additional Molle Board can thus be utilized as an entirely different Plate Carrier setup. Now, to change over Plate Carrier setup, simply switch out one Molle Board for the next.

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It's possible to wear a chest rig over a plate carrier. The plate carries come in handy with a bulletproof material that keeps you protected against the opposition's bullet. While going in combat, the combo of chest rig and plate carrier can do wonders for you.

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As you load up a chest rig or plate carrier, you raise the center of mass for your gear. The heavier and higher that is, the more strain it puts on your back and core to stabilize it. If all of the weight is on the front of the rig, it gets even worse.

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Pair the backpack with a simple chest rig so that it all "fits together". Of course, this might mean ditching the plate carrier/armor package so that you can go further, faster. 2 level 2 nightslayer78 5 years ago

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Now that I have my chest rig integrated to my plate carrier it's time to take a look at the Haley D3 chest rig. Keep in mind that this rig is designed as a minimalist rig. The D3 chest rig comes with 4 rifle magazine pouches that can hold either 5.56 …

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The RACKminus is the lightest, thinnest fully MOLLE compatible chest rig with adjustable straps for use over body armor. RACKminus front male side-release buckles are placed at 7.5" on center to allow compatibility with Velocity Systems, Mayflower R&C,...

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Plate carriers without plates really suck. You can get a swiftclip adaptable chest rig like mayflower chest rig, Haley d3rx, etc. And then later get a carrier and run like a trex arms back strap behind your PC. The spiritus thing 1 or 2 are both really good options for chest rigs.

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Using a chest rig/armor interface kit, I attached my chest rig to my plate carrier. Close up on the Chest Rig/Armor interface kit from (Note(s): T his is not a commentary on the ...

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Plate Carrier Chest Rig or Rack Style Chest Rig? A chest rig can be worn OVER a plate carrier, and a few chest rigs have the plate holder built-in. But… The vast majority of the chest rigs on this list are rack style chest rigs that have no plate holder. These rack chest rigs sit at the chest and bear the weight of your ammo and other gear.

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Plate Carriers are an essential piece of tactical gear and U.S. Patriot has the best selection from the top brands in the industry. Find the best plate carriers by Crye Precision, 5.11 Tactical, Agilite Gear and many others. Outfit your tactical vest, chest rig or harness with MOLLE Compatible Pouches or Protective Plates to keep yourself safe in the field or on the job.

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A chest rig normally refers to webbing or panels that you can attach to your chest to hold magazines, first aid kits or other gear. A plate carrier is designed to hold body armor plates over the vital organs in the body. Sometimes …

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Buy type 63 Chicom rig HERE: Trained HERE: Reid on...

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Chest rig is a broad term for basic load-bearing gear. They traditionally consist of shoulder straps, a chest strap, and either molle webbing or pre-made mechanisms for securing gear (e.g., magazine holder). Chest rigs make your gear comfortable to carry and convenient to access. By way of comfort, chest rigs allow you to balance weight.

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Chest Rig over Plate Carrier. Question. I have a slick JPC 2.0 with the AVS molle front. I may get a chance to buy a micro fight off of a buddy. Would I be able to attach or wear it over the plate carrier effectively? I would say about 9 out of 10 times i shoot I wear the plates.

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The example here is the famed M9 or Beretta 92FS holster. This chest set up requires a plate carrier or chest rig to use, but for tactical applications it is perfect. The use of a chest mounted holster has become very popular in tactical applications. The Blackhawk system makes the weapon easier to draw in a multitude of positions.

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Im most interested in the plate carriers/chest rigs/pouches but would love to see what you go going on. In need relatively soon so would you PM me. I am paypal ready at this point Also wanted to see what you had in regards to the CP gear. Feb 25, 2012 #13 The 'ER Full Access Member. Joined Jan 2, 2012 Posts 627 Reaction score 2

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Condor chest rigs. Condor is one of the top brands known for making some of the best chest rigs in the market. Their recon chest rig is ideal for people who prefer an X-harness. It can carry up to six rifle mags along with six pistol mags, and also has two extra pockets on the side for medkits and other gear.

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Maybe The Most Important Link You May Ever Click! this video I talk about Gear stacking which is as the name im...

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Compatible with Thorax and other plate carriers with vertical MOLLE channels. Enables mounting of MOLLE accessories. Hook and loop backer allows for a secure mounting to the plate carrier or can be padded in a chest rig configuration. Compatible with Side Tension Strap (STS) kits. Deployable as a standalone chest rig with appropriate accessories.

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Plate carrier as I don't own a chest rig. If I expect to encounter gunfire I want plates and if I'm going low profile or light and fast, I'd be holding all my mags in spots other than on my chest. I also always felt like a loaded chest rig was too front heavy since it doesn't have plates to anchor it in place.

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The Universal Chest Rig - Attachment Kit acts as an interface that allows auxiliary gear to connect to user's plate carrier. Giving the ability for the user to configure their DWARF Chest Rig - MKI or MKII. Also compatible with Spiritus Systems, Haley Strategic, and other chest rigs, or plate carriers on the market.

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The downside is that they can make things chunky compared to a kitted plate carrier. It would be a two piece system after all and it would take a little longer to wear/take off. In my opinion it's more worth it if you're throwing on a battle rack chest rig like say a LBT 0290 instead of a …

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The chest rig and plate carriers are slightly similar in the term of style and appearance. But the chest rig has to be put on the chest, it has pouches towards the front side and there is nothing towards the backside. Chest rigs can be put on over body armor though they generally don't have any type of armor inside of them.

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A plate carrier is also usually bulkier than a chest rig and thus, constricts your movement and makes it harder to be stealthy. Chest rigs are usually built with the aspect of stealth in mind, they usually do not carry plates in them and so, they fit tighter to the body and present a smaller profile.

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2,327 Posts. #3 · Dec 13, 2012. I have a PC and a chest rig. To get a better idea we need to know what you're intended use of said item is. Unless you like running around with an extra 12+ pounds of plates I would say get the chest rig. Mine is a Tactical Tailor 2 Piece MAV with center adaptor and 7x HSGI Tacos.

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Take the BRIG Chest Rig solo in a stand-alone mode with the BRIG CR Harness, or integrate it with a PIG Hydration Carrier or PIG gRUNT Pack by utilizing our specially designed BRIG CR-LB Harness. This allows you to maintain the same array of chest kit as when your BRIG CR is mounted to your BRIG Plate Carrier.

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Tactical Mini Drop Pouch compatible with most chest rigs and plate tactical carriers that have hook & loop attachment in front. Eg: JPC, CPC, LBT, D3CR, MK3, MK4 and etc. Made with 500D nylon fabric for waterproof and lightweight.